Lakeside House



This project was continued in a system building study, which has a focus on the further systemization of item-profiles into a customizable and modular toolbox for small buildings.


The aim of this impromptu design was to use item Building Kit profiles in an individual project without restrictions.

This concept depicts a spartan vacation home that can be built by very few people thanks to the flexibility of item profiles. The construction is very modular and can be adapted easily. The shown configuration has space for two people but could be expanded for families or groups by adding more modules.

The house contains a small kitchen and living area that can be opened up towards the terrace by using big sliding doors. The sleeping area can be reached by climbing a ladder – built also using item profiles – and is located above the bathroom with included shower and toilet.




The whole supporting structure is built using item profiles and connections while the panels are made from OSB (floor), wood (inside) or aluminium. The grooves in the profiles are used to mount a movable sun screen on the south walls. The roof above the living room and terrace is made of glass to let more light into the building as well as function as a rain shelter for the terrace.

The south wall is also used for heating: the glazing enables the sun to heat up the inner concrete core which then radiates the heat inside using vents in the wall. In the summer this can be counteracted by deploying the movable sun screen.

This house can be placed anywhere: anything from the sunny Spanish coast to cold Norway is conceivable because of that heating facade as well as the full insulation inside of the walls. Further applications are also possible: bigger family homes, minimal sleeping quarters with toilets for backpackers, or a small hut with a long dock for a boat and fishing.




The design as well as the methods for systemization already present here were later expanded upon in a further study.