item KH-House



This render study was based on an early test for the impromptu design that would become the Lakeside House.

The KH-Profiles from item are the reason for this design because they are made from a composite material that uses 70% wood fibres and is darkly colored, thereby creating a nice contrast to other construction parts. I quickly recreated this look in Corona and wanted to use it because it separates itself from the usual aluminium profiles.




This led to the central black and white theme for the renderings. The ground floor contains the living room, kitchen and bathroom while the first floor is comprised of a open study/working area and the bedroom. The upper floor takes up roughly half of the floor plan, which makes the living room double in height and creates a nice open feeling. The terrace is connected to the living room and is used as a stepping stone into the landscape. The whole house opens toward this side.





This idea – classic wood construction using item-profiles – wasn’t really suited for the impromptu design, because it didn’t use the profiles to their fullest extent. This was then done in the Lakeside House