Water Tank Minimal Housing


The design takes cues from New York’s “Other Skyline”: the water tanks atop Manhattan’s buildings.

These relics from a simpler time are still used in our highly technological present. They are still being renewed and built. This has led to them becoming an iconic image of New York’s city scape that starkly contrasts the modern skyscrapers as well.


This iconic minimal architecture in conjunction with an ever increasing demand for housing represents the core of the design concept.



A small prefabricated box (2,10 x 3,00 m) is put into an empty water tank and includes a bathroom, kitchen and the necessary electrical wiring as well as stairs. It functions as bracing and has connections for further supporting structures of the interior. Assembly is done inwardly and therefore retains the iconic outer wood planks of the water tank.



The exact configuration of the box is individually customizable. The kitchen shown on the upper floor can also be located on the lower floor. Also possible are different configurations necessitated by differently sized water tanks and their future residents’ demands.



This example design depicts a small apartment for one person with a recording studio on the lower floor. The loft-like living room is located on the top floor and the bed is put above even that on a gallery.